TravelStorysGPS does not have the ability to process refunds since all purchases are strictly handled & processed through the iTunes store. To request a refund through Apple, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your Apple ID
  3. Find your tour purchase in your Purchases list
  4. Click on Report a Problem
  5. In the Choose Problem dropdown, select " I didn’t authorize this purchase "
  6. Chose a way to contact Apple, whether via chat or phone and mention that a technical issue prevented your purchased content from being accessed and that the developer of the app directed you to them for a refund.*

*Apple will only process refunds if a technical issue prevented you from downloading the tours you purchased. If Apple does not issue a refund, please create a ticket and add a proof of payment such as an email receipt. We will then be able to consider your request.  Apple should process the refund within 48 hours if approved.


All payments on this platform go through Google Play and are not directly handled by TravelStorysGPS.

However, if you made a payment through Google Play and wish it refunded, we invite you to contact our Support Team by creating a ticket and add a proof of payment such as your payment history on Google to the ticket.

In order to know how to gather this data, we recommend the guide displayed on Google’s website:

We will then be able to consider your request.